Hello Prologue Parli Competitors!

We are pleased to offer Parliamentary Debate at the Irving Prologue once again! Please take a moment and read through the following information to help you prepare.

Location: Parli will be in the Zone area of Irving Bible Church. This is upstairs in the middle of the building near the elevators.
Rules: Please review the updated Parli rules and Audience Participation documents on the STOA USA web site. Read more here.

We recommend that each team carry a copy of the rules.

Once again, we are going to double flight Parli at the Irving Prologue!!! There will be a Flight A & Flight B. This time all of the Parli-ers will be in one tournament!!
What this means for you:

1. More teams get to debate!
2. While Flight A is debating, Flight B will be prepping.
3. For prelim rounds, Flight A and Flight B will be debating different resolutions.
4. Because we are double-flighting, no dilly-dallying in the room after the round. Seriously, get in, get out and move along.
5. Parli Finals will be Saturday, November 18th.

Parli Mandatory Meeting 8:00 AM Thursday

Presence: - In addition, make sure that you are in the Parli announcement room 5 minutes before the scheduled time for each round.

Timing: Parli debate will be self-timing, so make sure that you have working timepieces ready to go.

Internet: Should there be any unforeseen issues with the internet, you will have to rely on your brilliant Parli minds. You are free to bring Extemp boxes or hard copies of magazines to use in prep.