We are excited to offer you both Novice and Advanced Impromptu!

Novice Impromptu: In Impromptu speaking the competitor is given two (2) minutes to prepare a speech on a randomly drawn quotation or topic. This event is for first and second-year competitors only and for those who are under the age of 15 by October 15. If you have competed in any form of competitive speech or debate for more than one year please sign up for Advanced Impromptu.

Advanced Impromptu: This event is for those students who have competed for two years or are over the age of 15 by October 15.

Our Advanced Impromptu will offer a creative and original event. Each round will be unique.

One round will be an Impromptu round,
One round will be a Storytelling event (The story you will tell is your choice! No genre pick from us.)
One round will be a Cold Reading event

Please be prepared for any event in each round.
The rules for each event will be observed.

Please download the rules to familiarize yourself with these events.
Cold Reading Rules
Impromptu Rules
Storytelling Rules