Hello, Extemp Competitors!

Welcome to The Prologue!

Please review the Extemp Rules. Reviewing the rules before this first tournament will help ensure that we are all on the same page.

Extemp Draw and Speak Time: Please make note of your extemp speak time. See Presentation Rule #1. It is the responsibility of the speaker to arrive at your draw time at the correct time. If you are late, your time will start with or without you and will not be extended. In addition, your speak time will be exactly 30 minutes after your prep time begins, which includes your walk time. In other words, the last two minutes of your prep time is your walk time. It is the responsibility of the speaker to arrive at your competition room at your speak time. Time will begin with or without you.
If adjustments are made to draw time due to the tournament running behind, the official time is on the Extemp Postings right outside the Extemp draw room.

Note: If you are late for an extemp draw, your time will not be extended, nor will someone hunt you down. If you plan to compete in another event before your draw inform competitors in front of you that you are required to go first. Tell them that Mrs. Eldridge and Mrs. Martin said so.

The Extemp Room will be in The SnackShack.

Electronic Filing

Note the following:
1. Electronic filing is completely optional. You may still use boxes and hard copies if you prefer.
2.Students must accept full responsibility for the safety and security of their electronic devices for the duration of the tournament.
3. You may want to bring a power strip to plug in more than one computer. Bring computers fully charged to the draw.
4. Remember to set your computers to airplane mode.

Tournament Instructions:

7:30 a.m. - make sure Extemp boxes are placed in the Extemp Prep room in the Warehouse off of the Grade school classrooms.

3:30 p.m. Saturday - make sure all Extemp boxes and personal possessions are removed from the Prep room. Please designate a team captain to oversee these deadlines.

We are looking forward to some outstanding Extemp competition!

~Your Tournament Coordinators